Our  company based in New York, Connecticut and Washington DC but we offer online training to individuals  internationally.We understand the issues that distress non-native English speakers, and we make it our job to help you improve your English speaking, communication and pronunciation.

Our Services:

  • Accent Reduction Coaching
  • ESL tutoring
  • Cross Cultural Communication

Accent Reduction Coaching 

Our Accent Reduction training  programs are designed to improve your pronunciation of Standard American English.  Our training program is private (one to one) and custom designed for each individual. Our materials and experienced trainers make it almost easy to master. Our goal is to provide the  skills for you to speak with greater clarity and confidence while learning to speak with a Standard American Accent and use correct English pronunciations. Our effective and proven American  hands on accent reduction training techniques are fast and efficient.

ESL Courses

Our ESL courses provide our students  with ultimate flexibility in terms of when, what and how you want to study. We provide you with increased choice, convenience, and personalization to suit your learning objectives. We go all out to give you all the handy study tools, vibrant lessons and expert teachers you will need to get the results you want. Our unique and innovative English classes were designed to convert your everyday experiences into personalized lessons, using real-world tasks, frequent practice and immediate feedback on your progress.

Cross Cultural Communication 

Good communication is essential to a workplace where people are motivated, courteous and happy. However, perceptions and misunderstandings in communication can often derail a workgroup’s enthusiasm and productivity. By understanding the needs and expectations of other communications styles employees can begin to accept and appreciate one another, thereby increasing output, teamwork and enhanced customer service. Our courses cover the essential skills employees require to succeed and for your company to prosper. The interactive courses can be tailored to address your individual needs, company culture and objectives.


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