Are you concerned that you are not able to project your voice over the telephone or at a conference? Are you accused of having a monotone speaking voice?

Is your voice…

  • Too high pitched?
  • Too nasal?
  • Too whiny?
  • Too hoarse?
  • Too soft?
  • Too monotone?

Most people don’t realize that you CAN change the way you sound.

How we can help you…

  • Are you frequently asked to repeat what you just said because you do not speak loud enough?
  • Do you think your voice is too high pitched for daily conversation?
  • Does your voice remind others that you just graduated from college because it is high pitched or a bit of a sing-song melody?

If you find that your voice is unable to be heard over the telephone and it does not sound authoritative enough for the workplace, you will benefit from our professional voice training. Occasionally an individual’s voice lacks natural inflections or is monotone and monotonous, and does not capture the listener’s interest. Through tape and/or video sessions, we help you overcome these speech concerns and create a voice that will command attention in the workplace.

At US Accent Coach you will learn exercises to improve your ability to project your voice across a conference table or a large room, raise or lower your pitch and eliminate nasality. Let US Accent Coach evaluate your speaking voice and develop the program best suited for you to give you the dynamic voice you want.

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