Davis Cup 101 Guide

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January 3, 2016
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Davis Cup 101 Guide

The Davis Cup is the largest international competition in tennis, the closest thing to a World Cup in this noble sport. The 2017 edition of the Davis Cup gathered together 134 countries that faced each other over four weeks to determine the best competitor. It is also known to be the most prestigious and oldest trophy that tennis has to offer.

Davis Cup Particularities

Different from individual tennis competitions in which players have only themselves to prove their value and win the match, in the Davis Cup, even though the matches also include individual confrontations, the tennis players have the chance to be in a team environment. Most of the tennis players representing their country at the Davis Cup are friends so this leads to a great show and some really intense matches that make the crowds cheer and everyone have a great time.

The winner in a confrontation in the Davis Cup is decided after a best out of five matches event and the first team that manages to get three points gathers points that count towards the classification in the World Group. The matches are played over a three-day period and are grouped as follows:

  • 2 single matches on day one
  • 1 double match on day 2
  • Another 2 single matches on day three

All the matches are disputed in a best out of 5 sets format so, in order to win a match, a player should win three sets. Of course, if after days one and 2, the tie is already decided, the third day will only be disputed with matches consisting of three sets.

Big Winners of the Davis Cup with Their Teams

Another interesting fact when talking about winners is that the team of the USA has the most titles of the Cup with 32 under their belt, followed by Australia with 28, and the UK with 10. If you are interested in finding out more exciting stuff about the Davis Cup in 2018 or cool statistics about other editions, you can do so in the davis cup final 2018.

Throughout the history of this great sporting event, big players like Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer have all won the Davis Cup while playing for their national teams and that boosts their value as tennis players that also helped their countries.

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