ESL Classes

ESL Classes 

If you are a non-native English speaker and would like to improve your English language skills, our ESL courses could be your solution. These courses are created for intermediate to advanced students and can help you improve your English language skills for professional, academic, or social settings. Our ESL instructors prepare students for the core components of American English:

  1. Community English 
  2. Listening and Speaking 
  3. Reading and Writing 
  4. Reading and Writing Literacy 
  5. Writing Basics 
  6. English for Citizenship

These can be taught at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, depending on your American English proficiency, how well you read, write, speak, and use grammar. We will test you initially to determine what your specific needs are, and continue to assess you regularly in order to adapt the course as your skills develop.

ESL Courses

Each course will consist of lectures, discussions, and hands-on learning through student demonstrations. Participation in activities, discussions, visual learning aids, and role-plays will be how ESL tutors can determine student understanding of the material.

The options for ESL courses are numerous. Courses can be taught individually, in small groups, in person, or online. The ESL instructors are all experienced and qualified with a Master’s degree or TESOL certification. You will have interactive lessons centered on your needs, and evaluations to test your progress and proficiency in the material. If you can benefit from ESL language training, we want to help you reach your language goals.

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