Basic & Intensive ESL Classes

Basic and Intensive Company ESL Courses:

  • Designed for teenagers and adults whose native language is not English
  • Located in CT, NY or DC online or in person
    • We can provide space and location or come to you

Basic ESL Classes

These classes teach you basic, everyday English skills that you can use in the community:

  • Community English (Levels: Pre-Beginning, 1, 2, 3)
  • Listening and Speaking (Levels: Pre-Beginning, 1, 2)
  • Reading and Writing (Levels: 1, 2)
  • Reading and Writing Literacy 1
  • Writing Basics (Levels: 1, 2)
  • English for Citizenship


Intensive ESL Classes

The Intensive ESL classes provide academic, focused study in the specific skills area of reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.  Instruction moves at a faster pace than the Basic ESL classes.  Below are some of our intensive courses:


  • Intensive English
  • Listening and Speaking with Americans
  • Let’s Just Talk
  • Interactive Speaking
  • Reading and Vocabulary
  • Writing and Grammar
  • Professional Writing
  • Business Idioms
  • Pronunciation Improvement
  • Six Tips to Clearer Pronunciation
  • TOEFL Preparation
  • Using English in the Community.


Other Business & Professional English classes:  

Build your written and oral communication competencies while gaining valuable knowledge and skills to succeed in the workplace.

  • Advanced Pronunciation Training
    • Reduce your foreign accent and learn to pronounce English in a way that will make others understand you better.

Business Idioms (online) *New*

  • Idioms are everywhere in the American workplace. “Roll up your sleeves” and learn how to use them when writing and speaking.

English for Business Communication

  • Improve your written and oral communication around these topics: cultural diversity, socializing, using the telephone, negotiating, making presentations, and participating in meetings.

English for Effective Presentations  

  • Develop effective communication skills through discussions, oral readings, and short presentations.

English for Job Success  *New*

  • Topics include understanding paychecks and benefits, negotiating job offers, professional development, resume writing, and the culture of the U.S. workplace.

English for Managers 

  • This course focuses on on current management topics such as leadership styles, motivation, recruiting, marketing, use of teams, strategy, dealing with change, managing across cultures, downsizing, finances, and risk management/ decision making.

Professional Writing  

  • Work on various types of professional writing such as e-mail correspondence, conventions, memos, short reports, summaries, business letters, cover letters, and resumes.*Online option also available.*

Some courses are offered only once per year.  Please call (646) 860-9750 for more information or .

Want to learn more:

Courses vary in size, length and total number of hours depending on the needs of the company. Normally courses range anywhere from 48 to 60 hours and require a minimum of 4 to 8 hours per week, 2 hours per day.Please email the following information to learn more about our course fees and tuition :


  • Type of organization ( i.e. company name and focus)
  • Domestic or international ( i.e. accommodation needs and company  location)
  • Estimated group size (i.e number of students)
  • Preferred course length and dates ( i.e. time constraints, number of weeks)
  • Location of course (i.e. within your organization or at our facilities)
  • Accommodations (i.e. room and board, travel etc.)

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