Welcome to US Accent Coach the home of Accent Reduction!

US Accent Coach is an innovative business out of New York City that serves the metropolitan area at large. US Accent Coach aim’s to improve our students confidence in their pronunciation, American accent, intonation, writing, interpersonal communication, interactions and cultural awareness in business and social settings. We work with our clients online using an Adobe classroom or in person in our New York City and Hartford, CT locations. We offer flexible hours!

Are you looking too?…

  • Speak clearly and effectively in person and over the phone
  • Increase confidence in daily and workplace situations
  • Learn helpful communication strategies
  • Deliver presentations more effectively
  • Recognize personal pronunciation problems
  • Use correct stress, rhythm, and intonation in speech

Our Program is:

  • Is convenient and flexible
  • Provides an intense program that can be accessed everyday from anywhere Internet access is available
  • Improves your pronunciation skills
  • Prepares you for advancement

Call us now at +1 (866)589-9043 to make an appointment or email us at inf0@usaccentcoach.com

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